At this time of year, I hear the pride in parents voices as they celebrate the wins their children receive recognition for. I have felt the pride of such moments, when your child receives an award in front of their peers and other parents. It is an awesome feeling. Over the last few years, my […]

One life. Live it

Live! How few of us remember what it is like just to live for today, to focus on the here and now. We worry about the outstanding credit cards, our careers or business and all the commitments and responsibilities we have. I recently heard someone I know, when asked how his business was performing – […]

Fallback position

When dishing out punishment, removing access to entertainment and games is the obvious first call. This can be difficult in the modern age. Taking away the TV means your child just responds by moving over to the computer – “but you saaaiiiid…. No TV.” So, it may be necessary to list the devices that are […]

Who is the best?

According to Anne Ripley’s new book, if we want our children to succeed and be the best, we need to follow the educational models of Finland, South Korea and Poland. The book, titled “The Smartest Kids in the World” has an in-depth look at the actual learning methodologies and experiences of learners in schools in […]