Published in the World Book of Values, 2013. Serenity comes from within. It is not a surface calm or a superficial peace – it is the harmony of the soul. “We have forgotten what rocks and plants still know – we have forgotten how to be – to be still – to be ourselves – […]


Published in the World Book of Values, 2013 Why do we always equate romance with subdued lighting and an intimate setting? Romance in stories and legends is rarely passive and quiet. Romance is passion, love unveiled. Candlelight and dinner is foreplay, not romance. Romance requires a baring of the soul, a depth of emotion that […]

The question of age

Maybe its age or maybe it’s just a sign of the times. Whatever it is, people around me (including myself) are finding that everything we thought we wanted in life is no longer important and the things we have striven to achieve feel meaningless. I’m at a point in my life (call it early mid-life […]

Greed and humility

Bigger, better, more – that seems to be the constant drive in modern society. Acquisition, growth and increasing market share are so often the goals of organisations. However, just as killing the goose that lays the golden egg, greed is the path to failure more often than not. McDonalds, on choosing to raise prices in […]

Why do we wear the uniform?

Today being the day our children are wearing their uniforms to school for Founder’s Day, I was struck by how difficult it can be sometimes to be different, to be a leader. My son was excited and was quickly ready to go but my daughter, being older and having done this before, face  d a […]