Robots out…

Once again, the rain comes down and robots go out. A normal summer in Joburg. Whilst waiting in the four lanes of Joburg cars all trying to go in the same direction at the same time despite the obvious futility of this. The solution is obvious. The company who built the e-toll gantries obviously know […]

Let Wolves be Wolves

Studies show that diverse groups make better decisions. If you think about it, it is a fairly obvious outcome. Nature thrives on diversity – without it, whole eco-systems are negatively affected. The story of how reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone Park in America actually changed the course of the river shows how critical one difference can […]


At this time of year, I hear the pride in parents voices as they celebrate the wins their children receive recognition for. I have felt the pride of such moments, when your child receives an award in front of their peers and other parents. It is an awesome feeling. Over the last few years, my […]

I see you…

Small acts are what are really important.  Reading the newspapers over the last few weeks, it is hard to find the bright spot for South Africa.  To see how we are going to move forward economically and as a society.  Yet, there is hope.  It is in the small act of a man in his […]

Life experience adds up

If I was asked what my most working experience has been, in an interview I would probably mention a prestigious company I worked for or an interesting course or project. But that would be a lie. Most would not believe me when I say waitressing taught me a work ethic and so many other things […]

Social Media the new TV

Remember how our parents used to complain that we would get square eyes from watching too much TV? It was an evil box that sucked us in and could have serious negative influences. Then it was computer games that drove violence. Now social media is the new evil, ensuring that we don’t know how to […]

Of cabbages and kings

Whilst many South Africans were watching the Durban July and the Sport of Kings, we were rounding the cabbage fields in Hartebeespoort in an Extreme Trail ride in aid of the Hartebeespoort Animal Society (HAWS). Fashion was… different from what you would get at the Durban July. Boots, cowboy hats and bright yellow neon vests. […]


Published in the World Book of Values, 2013. Serenity comes from within. It is not a surface calm or a superficial peace – it is the harmony of the soul. “We have forgotten what rocks and plants still know – we have forgotten how to be – to be still – to be ourselves – […]


Published in the World Book of Values, 2013 Why do we always equate romance with subdued lighting and an intimate setting? Romance in stories and legends is rarely passive and quiet. Romance is passion, love unveiled. Candlelight and dinner is foreplay, not romance. Romance requires a baring of the soul, a depth of emotion that […]

In the driver’s seat

Published in the SA Horseman, September 2009 How important is your riding position in Endurance riding? Stability and position are important in riding but in Endurance riding, with the amount of time and distance travelled on horseback, this can become a vital issue. A new study of riding stability and the forces exerted on a […]