Let Wolves be Wolves

Studies show that diverse groups make better decisions. If you think about it, it is a fairly obvious outcome. Nature thrives on diversity – without it, whole eco-systems are negatively affected. The story of how reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone Park in America actually changed the course of the river shows how critical one difference can […]

How to build “Intrepreneurs”

We always read about entrepreneurs and innovators, generally leading change and introducing new products and ideas to the market. How to large corporate organizations develop the same skill internally – thus an “intrepreneur”? A six-year study into how innovative executives think was synopsized as an innate “inquisitiveness” – making associations and questioning. The kind of […]

Who is the best?

According to Anne Ripley’s new book, if we want our children to succeed and be the best, we need to follow the educational models of Finland, South Korea and Poland. The book, titled “The Smartest Kids in the World” has an in-depth look at the actual learning methodologies and experiences of learners in schools in […]