How to build “Intrepreneurs”

We always read about entrepreneurs and innovators, generally leading change and introducing new products and ideas to the market. How to large corporate organizations develop the same skill internally – thus an “intrepreneur”? A six-year study into how innovative executives think was synopsized as an innate “inquisitiveness” – making associations and questioning. The kind of […]

One life. Live it

Live! How few of us remember what it is like just to live for today, to focus on the here and now. We worry about the outstanding credit cards, our careers or business and all the commitments and responsibilities we have. I recently heard someone I know, when asked how his business was performing – […]

Overloaded and Datablocked

Unread emails, constant SMS interruptions, 2-week old newspapers lying around because you want to reread that article that looked interesting – its probably time to join an Infomania support group. Unfortunately, this will probably include an online blog, RSS feeds and newsletters that are more likely to contribute to the information overload than help you […]

The sanctity of dreams

With the start of the year behind us and the resolutions already broken, the depression sets in and the inevitable comparisons of what is wrong with our lives compared to what we dreamed about, our shortcomings and the adventures untaken with the seemingly spectacular achievements and travels of friends and acquaintances. The diet abandoned as […]

Use your Head

Published in the SA Horseman, 2010 When attending a recent endurance ride, the number of riders wearing cycling helmets as opposed to riding helmets surprised me. It seems that many riders are still under the impression that a good cycling helmet provides sufficient protection. Unfortunately, this is not the case! Quite simply, the design is […]

Fallback position

When dishing out punishment, removing access to entertainment and games is the obvious first call. This can be difficult in the modern age. Taking away the TV means your child just responds by moving over to the computer – “but you saaaiiiid…. No TV.” So, it may be necessary to list the devices that are […]

About me

As the mother of two children and a volunteer with a Cub Scout Pack, I spend a lot of time with children.  Sometimes though I want to speak to adults or have an adult conversation.  Since my husband hates it when I try to talk about philosophical issues at 2 in the morning and other […]

Intuition and guts in business

We have spreadsheets and reports for everything these days. We capture data, analyse it and use it to predict the future. And, like the fortune-tellers of old, we get it wrong as often as we get it right. Companies predict their future income and expenditure as budgets and targets, economist use sophisticated models to predict […]

The question of age

Maybe its age or maybe it’s just a sign of the times. Whatever it is, people around me (including myself) are finding that everything we thought we wanted in life is no longer important and the things we have striven to achieve feel meaningless. I’m at a point in my life (call it early mid-life […]

Greed and humility

Bigger, better, more – that seems to be the constant drive in modern society. Acquisition, growth and increasing market share are so often the goals of organisations. However, just as killing the goose that lays the golden egg, greed is the path to failure more often than not. McDonalds, on choosing to raise prices in […]